Bridal Styles from Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Trendsetter Stephanie shares the key bridal styles coming through for autumn. “Styles up high: Low chignons and updos are definitely still in, but so are higher sitting updos and buns. The key is to still keep them soft, voluminous and romantic so they look current instead of old fashioned.

“Half up: When is this not in style really? Hair that is all down with a few pieces back is especially popular right now. It’s feminine and simple and classic. “Fewer braids. Braids have been in style for so long, and for the first time in several years, I am seeing a switch in the braid trends. Bohemian brides are going for fully braided styles: crown braids, long side braids, braided chignons.

But the classic or glamorous bride is skipping braids all together, instead of incorporating one somewhere in the updo like they have been for the last few years.”

Stephanie’s top tips for creating bridal styles

Stephanie Brinkerhoff Bridal Hair.jpg

1. “Make sure you have a solid base. How well the updo stays in is going to depend largely on how secure the interior is. Make it LOOK loose but not actually BE loose.”

2. “Spend most of your time on the top, front and sides. It’s easy to get lost in the back, when really the most important part is the front. That is what the bride is going to notice and care about the most, so spend the most time there.”

3. “I hardly ever open my bobby pins. Often times when we open our pins, we end up putting
too much hair in them, which makes them less secure. Instead, keep your pins closed, picking up smaller sections, so you can get the pin all the way to the scalp.”