In the Chair with Kim Delahunty

Street inspo
Working in the centre of Dublin city with a lot of high-end fashion and street style is amazing. You can see there is a lot of individuality in Dublin.

French fancy
My favourite look is from Chanel’s spring/summer 2018 show: I love the hair and clothes. When it comes to cuts, I love texture and little ‘wow’ factors such as a hidden undercut or angled fringe. I really don’t like anything graduated. This could be because a lot of my clients are under 40. I just feel it’s been done. And I feel the same for balayage. The Hollywood wave was very big this summer for weddings and college balls and this trend really translated into the salon.


Tis the season
My favourite time of year is Christmas. Most hairdressers will think I’m mad but I love the atmosphere in the city. A lot of my clients change their hair at Christmas so it allows me to show some creativity.

Social savvy
Social media is very important as it is a platform to showcase my work. At Sugar Culture we use social media to show a lot of before and after. It is also a great way of learning,
a source of ideas, a way to keep up with trends and connect with people in the industry. Instagram is where nearly all young Irish women find inspiration. Sometimes I will Snapchat if I am
doing a big change to show the stages... but I’ll never show all my tricks!


Sam McKnight is definitely one of the biggest stars. I would love to learn more about how Anthony Mascolo and his extremely talented team come up with the looks for fashion week. My future plans are to get more involved in creating a look for different fashion weeks and different designers.

Support group
I am excited by the enthusiasm Irish hairdressers have for their career. I see this daily working with Sugar Culture Institute, our hair and beauty college where learning from each other is essential. It’s not a job, it’s a passion. The industry is thriving at the moment but all hairdressers need to remember that the day we stop learning from each other is the day the career is over. Teaching each other is key.

Travel pass
It would be great if there was some sort of grant system for aspiring hairdressers so they could travel to different fashion weeks and see what happens backstage. It would be amazing if trainees could apply for student cards as this is not possible in Ireland. ✂