Great Expectations!

Lousie Jenkins

Louise Jenkins, Education and Creative Manager, Great Lengths UK and Ireland, reveals how Great Lengths extensions can protect delicate strands

“Regardless of hair type, or style, adding volume and density to hair always helps to enhance and hold the hair’s shape for longer. Mid-length hair in particular has the ability to be transformed with only a few extensions – ensuring the hair looks bouncy and holds its shape. Weakness around the hairline, especially around the face is a common problem for many women. Mid-length styles and hair breakage around the face detract from the style, making the hair feel shorter than it actually is. The use of extensions for this issue helps to add definition back into the style, restoring the finish to hair.

Hair products and supplements are great for working internally on the hair structure. They are focused on transforming the look and feel to the hair over a course of time. Extensions, on the other hand, are instant. They work to disguise hair problems and create a healthy finished look to the hair. Many women feel that wearing extensions actually helps to improve their hair condition as, once applied, the hair supports the client’s natural hair by holding its shape and style for longer. Usually damage is caused by chemical services or heat tools. This usage can be reduced with extensions, meaning that the hair has less contact with damaging products and styling
tools. The use of extensions, in combination with good quality products and supplements means that the hair can repair internally and reduce the damage to its surface layer whilst still maintaining a healthy disguise.”