Great Colour on Great Lengths!

January Jones Great Lengths.png

“With January’s hair (pictured right) we wanted to have it all: that dream hair that looks glossy, full, long and effortless with beautiful eye-catching autumnal tones. January had a chestnut red base so I started by freshening her natural colour.

January’s extensions provide the length and volume that is harder to achieve as we age. Everyone is different, but for some ladies, individual hair life can be a little as one, two or three years. This means that although new hair grows and roots are a normal thickness, the ends can be very thin. Great Lengths extensions solve this problem as they are ‘double drawn,’ meaning they have the same amount of strands at the roots as the ends, so fewer strands are needed to thicken the ends for that fabulous volume.

Great Lengths hair also has a natural wave so blends easily with most hair types.Every Great Lengths client is assessed for root-to-end thickness and this will determine how long she/he should wear the extensions before changing them, which could be anything from the recommended three to five months, and in some instances longer.

Great Lengths hair does not fade so these fabulous hair extensions are low maintenance and gives textured colours without having to use chemicals to dye the natural hair. The keratin bonds are strong so tiny bonds can be used without worrying about shedding or slippage once applied by an expert.”

Sarah Great Lengths.png

Great Lengths extensions are the key to long, luscious locks, says Aileen Barnby of Eternal Flair

“Sarah’s hair (pictured right) is very dark naturally, and dying her hair blonde for most of her adult life has caused issues relating to length, colour and volume. This is where Great Lengths came in. Adding a mix of lighter blonde shades, we were able to create her desired colour without any damage. Hair breakage was Sarah’s primary concern as she felt she could never get the length she wanted. To achieve that enviable Hollywood length, I applied 100 bonds of 50cm Great Lengths extensions. These blended beautifully with Sarah’s own length and colour giving her that high volume she was craving.

Great Lengths solves all of these hair problems as the tiny keratin bonds they’ve developed leave
no damage. As the product is 100 percent human hair, the end result looks totally natural. It solved the client’s issue with colour by adding natural beautiful coloured bonds, lengthening her hair and thickening up the hair from root to tip.

Great Lengths extensions work with immediate effect, while chemical laden shampoos and supplements take time and consistent use to see any result.”