Influencer Marketing: Lisa Jordan

Working with social media influencers is about more than testing products, explains lifestyle and fashion blogger, Lisa Jordan of Just Jordan and creator of Luna by Lisa. She shares how careful consideration can create collaborations that work for the blogger, the brand and most importantly, the followers.

I’m a qualified beauty therapist, and when I started blogging, it wasn’t about a career, it was about a passion. It started as a hobby and evolved into a business.

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Brands are looking for people who suit them and we’re looking for brands that suit us. I don’t work with all the brands that ask me to work with them – I think that’s the misconception in the industry. I turn down collaborations that don’t suit me, or my blog, or my readers.

I won’t work with a brand that doesn’t offer what people want: quality, good price point, good customer service. If I am signing with a brand, I want to make sure they are the right fit and I do my homework: where are the products coming from, how is the business set up, what is their customer service like?

If I worked with a salon, I would want to know what the service is like when I’m not there. As influencers and bloggers, we can be treated really well but what about my followers, are they going to get the same treatment? I mystery shop some brands: I have people work with them or try them and see how they handle things, especially where long campaigns are concerned. For me, my readers come first, I come second. If this doesn’t suit them, it won’t suit me.

When it comes to choosing a blogger or influencer to work with, do your research: what style is your salon, and what style is the person you are looking for? What other brands are they aligned with? Are they big into hair?

Research their audience and where their traffic is coming from – they might have more of a following in the UK than Ireland which won’t help your business. Find a local blogger with a following in the area, there’s no point getting a Dublin blogger for a Cork salon. Make sure you know their statistics, that they are legitimate followers and they aren’t bought.

When you approach a blogger, ask them what they want out of the relationship, share what you as a salon can do for them. Every salon is unique with a different vibe or demographic and it’s finding the right person who suits their salon. ✂