The Final Cut with Patrick Gildea

Patrick Gildea's stellar career got off to an early start thanks to a little help from mum!

Starting young
When my mother cut my hair as a young boy, I thought, I definitely could make a better job of this if I did it myself! So I’ve known for a long time that this was the career for me.

Patrick Gildea Fringe Magazine

No 9-5
A typical day involves working with guests and making sure that everything is in place for our centre of excellence experience. There’s no limit to the amount of time you give in the day when you are running a company and a team of 32 people.
Being surrounded by the people I love and care about in my life inspires me: my family, my team,
my guests and hairdressers that want to protect the industry by being professional in every aspect of the service they provide.

Love that look
My favourite cut is the classic Sassoon bob: timeless and beautiful. 

Copycat crime
I feel quite passionate about the poor representation of our wonderful industry on YouTube. These self-called experts try to reflect our skills, make out that it is easy and totally belittle our profession as a whole.

Smart moves
There isn’t a thing I would do differently in my career. I have been blessed to be sent on a journey in a career that has been so inspiring and made me happy.

Training day
I want to see a stronger training programme for the new generation instead of some salons taking kids for a ride. This industry is changing massively. The sooner salons start to realise the haircut is only a small part of customer satisfaction then they’ll have a business. I don’t do mistakes, I’ve
had challenges.

Receiving an Irish Hairdressers Federation Icon award was a career highlight, as was my team presenting me with a beautiful framed staff picture at Christmas.

Industry icons
All hairdressers who maintain integrity in our industry and keep moving forward inspire me. I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many industry leaders, Anthony Mascolo really stands out.
We have to be focused on the new generation of guests, they want way more for their buck so we
have to be thinking four steps ahead. As it is, with social media, some people are becoming more educated and updated than some hairdressers in the industry.

Power of positivity
Having the correct frame of mind makes it easy to stay motivated, it comes from within. I fit hairpieces for people having treatment for cancer which is deeply humbling and when they leave after their appointment and I reflect, it’s very easy to become motivated about life.

The future plans are to continue to be one of Ireland’s top salons, growing everyday, improving and developing our brand to the fore and maintaining a standard of service that is respected not only by our guests but by the whole industry.